Ms. Slayden & Ms. Kim Homework


Homework for Ms. Slayden and Ms. Kim’s Class.  

DUE MONDAY, April 3rd.

Special Palestine Homework:  

Go to the Cia World Factbook for information on the United States.

Go to,, and for information on Palestine.

Look up and record the following information for Palestine AND the United States:

Geography:  Find the total area.  What countries does it have it border?  How much yearly rainfall does the area receive? What sources of water does it use? What is the highest point of elevation?

People and Society:  What is the population? What are the ethnic groups? What is the unemployment rate?  What is the most populated city and how many people live there?  What is the total life expectancy at birth?  

Economy:  What is the GDP real growth rate %? What is the GDP per capita?  What are the top 7 export goods and what are the top 3 import goods?  What has been the exchange rate of Jordinian dinar, Israeli new shekel, and Egyptian pound (Palestinian money) per $1 US dollar?

Energy:  What is their electricity production and consumption?  How many metric tons (Mt) of Carbon Dioxide does it emit from consumption of energy?  (#137)

Math Homework:  THIS HOMEWORK IS LIKE THE PROBLEM OF THE WEEK (POW).  Start at the top and continue doing the problems through your group name.  All answers are about Palestine unless the questions states otherwise.

Amazing Mathers: Estimate the difference between the US highest elevation and Palestine’s highest elevation.

Round the population to the millions place. Then do it again to the hundred thousands place, then again to the thousands place.

How much more energy do they consume then produce (ignore decimals)?

Magicians: Order the ethnic groups from smallest to largest.

Subtract the population of their largest city from the total population.

Compare US and Palestine % of unemployment.

Compare US and Palestine carbon dioxide emissions from consumed energy.

#MathSquad: Write the GDP real growth rates as fractions and then decimals

Make a T chart for exchange rates,  use the most recent rate and figure out how many Palestinian dollars (Jordinian dinar, Israeli new shekel, and Egyptian pound) you’d get for $3, $7, $15 and $100.

Mad Mathers: Figure out how much land is used for agriculture.  Not %.

Figure out how many people are not literate in Palestine.  Not %.

How much less is their GDP than the US?

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