Lower El Summer Reading Challenge

ECMCS Lower Elementary Summer Reading Assignments 
Personal Challenge
For Rising 1st, 2nd and 3rd years:



Assignment 1: Charleston County Public Library Summer Reading Program Participation 

Enjoy this FREE program at any of our locations from June 1 through July 31. Register online at home or at any CCPL branch, and keep track of points earned by reading a story. One page or one minute = one point. Earn prizes when you reach 300 points (5 hours), 900 points (15 hours) and 1800 points (30 hours).

Use the library's Summer Reading website to keep track of what you read.   If you do not have an account to log your books you may use the table on page 3 of this PDF.

Due: Printed list of all books read over the summer 
Due Date: Wed., Aug. 22, 2018

Assignment 2: Story in a Bag or Box or Can 

The children use prompts from the bag to retell the story. The purpose of the activity is to work on reading comprehension as well as developing language and speaking skills:
     1. Retell the story as it is with the use of the prompts.  These can be a stuffed animal, drawing, toy, household item, etc. 
      2. Discuss the characters, who do they like best/least and why?
Children will bring it to school the first week.
Due Date: Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Book in a Bag

Summer Book Challenge

The Summer Book Challenge is a personal challenge for each student, not a contest or competition between students or classes.  We are hoping that students stretch themselves as readers and increase their competence, confidence, and reading motivation through their daily participation in our reading community.

We are implementing the Summer Book Challenge because of these core beliefs:
     • Everybody reads! Everybody wins!
     • Strong readers have lots of reading experiences. You need to be a good all-around reader.
     • There’s the right book for you out there somewhere. Let’s find it!
     • Whether you read or not isn’t a choice, but what you read is YOUR choice.
     • Your reading life matters.

Tips and Tricks

Reading can include a parent to child, child to parent, self-reading, audiobook, eBook, magazine, graphic novel, wordless picture books, restaurant menus, Lego directions, etc.  The list includes ANYTHING!

Parents will want to guide their child through the selection process as content and reading level varies widely with Lower Elementary book options. The Mt. Pleasant library has a wonderful collection of FREE books (both online and print).
Here are some helpful websites to research further information on each book.  Check the editorial reviews for age ranges and content info

Reflex Math

Your child's reflex math account will remain active until the end of June 2018.  If your child has not mastered the level in which they are working we strongly encourage your child to continue working on this goal over the summer.  If your child completes the addition/subtraction level and is ready to move to Multiplication after the school year. 

If your child is a rising 4th year and is continuing to master the levels. PLEASE, PLEASE have your child work on these skills consistently over the summer.  Multiplication and division are a foundational skill needed for many of the fourth year math lessons.  

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