Middle School Summer Reading Assignment

ECMCS Middle School Summer Reading Format

Assignment:  All rising 7th and 8th graders must complete a Summer Reading assignment of a pair of books.  Students must read the Book 1 and one of the choices for Book 2 below and then complete an assignment comparing and contrasting the two books.  Students should not research the books, but complete the assignment based on their own reading and interpretation.  Work will be evaluated on originality and depth of thought.

Book 1

The Giver by Lois Lowry

Approximately 179 pages

760 Lexile

Book 2


Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury


Anthem by Ayn Rand

Approximately 174 pages

Approximately 110 pages

800 Lexile

880 Lexile

Since editions may differ, the page numbers are approximate; however, the books must be complete and unabridged.  Students must read two books out of the three including The Giver.   If a student has already read The Giver then that student may read both of the choices from Book 2.

These books are considered dystopian books because they deal with society that has evolved based on solving societal issues often in negative ways.  These types of books are relevant to adolescents because they are developing a greater sense of social justice and more interest in social issues.  This relevance is evidenced in popularity of current mass marketed books in the same genre such as The Hunger Games and Divergent series.  The books do have content that raises ethical and moral issues—these are issues that your child will be more aware of as they grow as adolescents and therefore it is important to include them in our curriculum.  However, we recommend that parents also be aware of this content and be prepared to read and/or discuss this content with their children at home as well.

Due date:  Wednesday, August 22, 2018 - You must turn in a print copy of your work.  The summer reading assignment will count as a Language Arts test grade, and your first Seminar assignment will be based on this work.


A—20 to 24 points

B—16 to 19 points

C—12 to 15 points

Any score lower will need to be redone to receive credit and a grade of C.

Part 1:  Similarities between The Giver and Fahrenheit 451 or Anthem

Please answer all questions with well-thought, detailed, and descriptive sentences.  These responses are assessed based on originality and thoughtfulness. Answers should be insightful and thorough. Comparisons limited to physical description (such as boy/girl, teenager) are insufficient.  This can be accomplished in 2-4 sentences.

Setting—List at least 3 ways the settings in the two books are similar: 4 points (2 points for completion, 2 points for originality and thoughtfulness)

Character—Choose a character from each book and list at least 3 ways  they are similar to each other:  4 points (2 points for completion, 2 points for originality and thoughtfulness)

Fahrenheit 451 or Anthem character:_________________  The Giver character: _________________

Plot—List at least 3 ways events in the books are similar including at least one way in which the endings are similar: 4 points (2 points for completion, 2 points for originality and thoughtfulness)

Theme--How would you describe the common theme between these books (2 points)?

Write a quote from each book that you believe refers to this theme.  Include the page number for your quote and write a sentence or two to explain how the quote relates to the theme (4 points).

Part 2:  Creative Presentation (6 points)

Complete 1 of the choices below:

·       Draw a detailed map of the setting with notes of elements relative to the story.

·      Write a short story about what the character(s) would be doing one year later.

·       Write a letter to the author or illustrator describing how events in your life/community connect to what they wrote and asking questions.

·       Write a book review for a newspaper. Remember to include a few sentences describing the book as well as a few sentences about why you liked it—or didn’t—format it as a newspaper article with columns, headlines, images, etc..

·       Choose two people or characters from the two different books that you read and write a detailed text discussion between the two that is indicative of their experiences/perspectives.

·       Write a poem on the theme from your two books using examples from the books to support the theme.

·       Create a Timeline with images and descriptions for the events relevant to your books.

·       Create a movie trailer for one or both of the books.

·       Make a collage of images that relate to the theme and events of the books.

·       Write and perform an original song based on the themes and events of the books.

·       Make a cartoon strip to illustrate a part from one of the books.

·       Any other creative idea of high quality that addresses the themes of the books.


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